Paper Roses

Best and dearest flower that grows
Perfect both to see and smell
Words can never, never tell

Half the beauty of a Rose.

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Delivery of the flowers

Workshops in the Drôme Provençale

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since 17 march 2003.

Lay-Out by
Ruud van Mens

About us...
My name is Janny van der Vliet. I am Dutch, but some time ago my family and me moved to France at The Drôme Provençale. 
Here at our cosy farm, I'm creating handmade roses, peonies and poppies from crepe paper. I also give Workshops at our lovely farm or at your place in the region.
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Delivery of the flowers
There are many possibilities. I take orders of bouquets, garlands, or separated roses. Also for special occasions and decorations. New are the peony roses and the beautiful old english roses. Have a look at the examples here.En savoir + Continue »
Workshops in the Drôme Provençale
Workshops of one afternoon, or 2/4 days with stay in our "Roulotte".
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The music is from Accordeon Melancolique.
Have a look on the Website of Emilie Van Der Vliet. She makes beautiful jewellery of Swarovski cristal beads. You can order her creations from France.
A rose for Valentine

Janny van der Vliet